About "The Real Exorcist" Movie


a story about a little “Savior” living in Tokyo

Sayuri, a part time waitress at a small coffee shop "Extra," has a secret. She has supernatural powers to see the unseeable. She uses her extraordinary powers to help out customers who are troubled by spiritual phenomena, such as possession, poltergeist, and hauntings. As she helps people, Sayuri gradually gets involved in more serious problems, until she finds herself fighting against a powerful devil who wants to stop her from saving souls of both the living and the dead. Can Sayuri become the "Real Exorcist" to defeat the devil? Experience the "real exorcism" that goes beyond any fiction.

This film, based on the actual spiritual experiences by the executive producer, Ryuho Okawa, who wrote the original story, offers you an exciting yet heartwarming experience. The film stars Yoshiko Sengen, who won the Best Female Actor award at Monaco International Film Festival in 2020.